Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Fall!

Hey ya'll. It has been a while huh?

I don't know where to start when explaining where I have been- living life, I guess would be the best explanation. Just as the seasons change, so does life, and sometimes it is crazier than expected. With my life it's more like its a little more boring than expected. Either way, I fell off the blogging map but I am happy to say I am back! I hope ya'll are as happy as I am.

While I may have paused blogging for a couple of years I have not paused cooking even for a moment! If you're around me at any time you will be sure to be happy with a full belly, and I think I have a few people that will testify to that.

I've got tons of recipes saved that I am so excited to share with you from all spectrums. Whether they're low-fat, fancy, quick, bad girl naughty food, sinfully sweet or delightfully savory- I can guarantee they are all delicious. So... thanks for coming back, and be sure to check back often, starting tomorrow when I've got a great recipe for an Italian Sandwich Ring.

All My Love,


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