Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Cookies & Cream Pudding Cookies

My last day at Blair was on Wednesday and I got to do all of my favorite things. Well of course my TRUE favorite thing is cooking so I brought my favorite food- macaroni and cheese (recipe is coming!) and I absolutely LOVE anything cookies and cream. So I saw the recipe for cookies and cream cookies and I knew I had to try them! I did put a holiday twist in for fun though :) 

My pictures are getting slightly better, aren't they?

3/4 cup butter
3/4 c brown sugar
1/4 c sugar
1 (4.2 oz) packet of Oreo cookies and cream pudding mix
2 eggs
1 t vanilla
1 t baking soda
2 1/4 c flour
14 Oreos, crushed (I used the Christmas peppermint Oreos for a twist- it was delicious!)

1. Cream the butter and sugars together until smooth.
2. Beat in the pudding packet and mix until well blended.
3. Mix in the eggs one at a time and add vanilla.
4. In a separate bowl, mix together the flour and baking soda. Slowly incorporate into the butter mixture. Mix well until your dough forms.
5. Stir in the crushed Oreos.
6. Roll into one inch balls and place on a greased baking sheet.
7. Bake at 350* for 8-10 minutes.

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