Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Oreo Turkeys

You can find a lot of different variations of these all over the web. I cannot take credit for making these little beauties. A room mom of ours was nice enough to make these for our Thanksgiving feast and they turned out great! The kids were really excited to eat them (as were many adults).

Double Stuff Oreos
Can of Chocolate Frosting
Candy Corn
Malted Milk Balls (Whoppers)
Cinnamon Red Hots


1. Take the Oreos apart, separate the creamed side from the plain side and make two different piles.
2. Spread the chocolate frosting the flat side of the plain chocolate cookie. Press the candy corn into the frosting to resemble turkey feathers.
3. Insert the frosted turkey into the cream of the other cookie half.
4. Put a little bit of icing on the malt ball and press it on in front of the frosted cookie.
5. Frost a red hot and place that on top.
6. If desired, pipe a little face on.
7. You can also use the white part of a candy corn and stick it on with frosting to look like a beak. Cute!

Our classroom was a disaster after the "feast." Signs we had a good time!

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